01 November 2014

Spotlight On: Animal Kingdom

As I mentioned in my previous post, I was in Florida during September and it was definitely a must to visit some of our favourite parks! With the first being Animal Kingdom. 

Honestly, I'm not a huge fan of animals (gasp!) so this park has never really been that appealing to me but this year I genuinely enjoyed it and it's now definitely up there with my favourites. As soon as you enter the park you're greeted by the flamingo's which are on the left of a path that leads you to individual paths where the options are endless. However, I'd definitely recommend to start your day by going straight to the safari as that's when the animals tend to be out.

At one point the giraffe almost had it's head inside the actual vehicle!
The safari was located in Africa which was actually my favourite as I could have spent hours looking at all the little trinkets sold within the Mombasa marketplace but one thing I did purchase was henna. There was a lovely lady who was doing henna designs, you chose from a booklet ranging from $15-$35, and she did it right there and then. 

I opted for a subtle design.
Also, if you go to Animal Kingdom you have to go on the Kali River Rapids...

and Everest...

You also can't miss the famous tree which is honestly amazing, it has a multitude of various animals sculpted into it. Due to the fact that we went during the rainy season, it rained quite regularly so if you find yourself stuck outside then head over to the Nemo show. Unfortunately, my attempts at taking photos in here were miserable as the performers were constantly moving but you get an idea...

Or, watch the bird show - this is something I was very reluctant to do as I'm terrified of birds but the rest of my family really wanted to see it. Honestly, I ended up spending the majority of the show not looking so my mum took the photos! Just make sure you don't sit near the front or at the end near the aisles if you're not a fan of birds. 

Now, I can definitely see why many others love this park and will hopefully be able to return here in the future.

Going to leave you with what I like to think is the ape doing yoga...

or just drinking from the stream, but I prefer the first.

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